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Salt Spring Island Roasting Company

I had a somewhat soggy chicken quesadilla and a cup of coffee that was too hot to drink (considering I had been running around on a sunny island with no water to drink all day). Manmeet had a so-so potato salad, a dry turkey sandwich, and a watery iced tea served up with extra snarkiness on the side. My mom had an okay salmon roll, a dry chocolate torte, and the Worst Latte She Ever Had (see also). Neither my mom nor I finished our coffee.

There were no chocolate sprinkles for the coffee. The lineup scheme was nebulous and obscure and the baristas, as mentioned, were surly. It was really overpriced. There were a whole bunch of flies buzzing around, possibly left over from when the same building was a so-bad-itís-good greasy spoon last year at the same time. It gets half a pint, but only because it had clean washrooms.

Score: Half a Pint


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