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January 22, 2003 So, if you can bear with the broken links for a few days, my new site is up over at Hope to see you all there!

January 21, 2003 I have fallen into the trap of posting dumb conversations I had with my friends on MSN. Keep in mind as you are reading this that the people involved are all Law Students in their mid-twenties - it only serves to further highlight the extreme dumbness. In other news, I'm working hard on converting my site to my new domain name, but there's nothing to see there yet.

January 20, 2003 I have decided to be cheerfully unapologetic about the sudden Tolkien Fandom angle of the Opinionated Wench. So, I present, for your delectation, a lovely piece of fanfic about Frodo, Feanor, and the One Ring entitled The One Ring Reforged. If you don't know who Feanor is, don't worry - just read the Silmarillion. I would like to suggest that James Marsters as Spike would make the world's best Feanor.

In other, much less important news, I will soon be switching to my very own brand shiny new domain name, and I accepted a summer job at Firm B in Calgary. Squeee!

January 12, 2003 Alright, this is the best Tolkien image site I've found so far: Torania's Tolkien Page. It has all of the images arranged in chronological order from how they happen in the book. Is that cool or what? Cooler than Administrative Law, anyway.

January 10, 2003 This has nothing to do with the fact that Billy Boyd is going to be in this film, and even less to do with the fact that Russell Crowe is the star, but I can soooo hardly wait for Master and Commander to be released. Ooo ooo ooo!

Sigh. Now I can tell I've really succumbed. My fellow Frodo fancier, Anime Craze, talked me into reading fanfic, something I had not had a taste for since my own shameful and disasterous attempts at it almost a decade ago. Yes, there is a lot of bad fanfic out there. At the Hidden Archives of Middle Earth, however, you will find only the best of the best. I promise.

January 9, 2003 Maybe someday soon I will decide that the Canada Business Corporations Act is more interesting than the Lord of the Rings. In the meantime, I present the Tolkien Crackpot Theories Page.

January 6, 2003 Wow, I've just let out a breath I had no idea I was holding. I just got my marks, and I passed all my courses! I got 3 B+s, and 2 Bs. Gord thought I was being sarcastic about being thrilled with my marks, but I was just so thrilled that I passed, and really, for some of my courses, that's way better than I was expecting to have done, so really, I am happy. I had my first day of school today, and I don't have class again till Wednesday, but I think all my classes are going to be good. I might go tomorrow to buy my textbooks, so I can get started on my readings and my outlines right away. Since I have three exams in three days this semester, and one of them is closed-book, I'd better keep as up-to-date as I possibly can.

January 5, 2003 Okay, so I was misled by Owen and the Calgary Herald. Tolkien's eleventy-first birthday was actually the day before yesterday. Sigh. I guess I'm not as obsessed a fangirl as I hoped. Anyway, I just got some more pictures back from the developer. Manmeet and I went to the grocery store, where we ran into Gord, who would like to think we're stalking him, but we're not. We are, however, going to make him go with us to see The Two Towers tonight. Yes, of course I've seen it three times already. That's not enough!

January 4, 2003 The Opinionated Fangirl says: Today would have been J.R.R. Tolkien's eleventy-first birthday.

So I just got back to Victoria, after having both of my flights delayed for over an hour. My Non-Denominational Winter Holiday was not very relaxing, and in fact was barely a holiday at all, because I had seven interviews with law firms while I was in Calgary. Hopefully one of them will turn into a job this summer. I had a really boring New Year, and after watching the first ever episode of Upstairs, Downstairs, I was in bed before midnight. I did manage to watch The Two Towers three times, and viewing number four is coming up. So far since I got back to Victoria I have been to London Drugs, where I bought some hair dye and new notebooks for my new school term, to the grocery store, where I bought something to eat for lunch, and to Starbucks, where I bought a latte to accompany my lunch. However, since I'm back to my starving student lifestyle I think I will have to cut Starbucks lattes out of my diet, but maybe I should fix my own espresso machine so I can make my own lattes. School starts on Monday, and Manmeet gets back later today. Hmmm. Maybe I should clean my room. It still looks like I'm trying to write a paper in here.

December 29, 2002 Wow, a brand shiny new term. Okay, not quite, but I felt like starting a new page today. Anyway, so far over the holidays I have had three interviews at law firms, and I have four more next week. Hopefully that means I will get a job this summer. Have I mentioned recently that you should see The Two Towers? You should see The Two Towers.

I'm staying at my parents' house for the holidays and have rediscovered some old photographs. Here are some from my and Owen's trip to England and our Titanic dinner party. I added the rest to a page that was already going. And you should see The Two Towers.


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