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Angel -- Shaggy

This song is okay. It gets marks because the chorus is sung to the same tune as Angel of the Morning, but it could have got even higher marks for actually being a cover of Angel of the Morning. Then it loses marks for being sung by the same artist who sings "Wasn't Me", but it gains a few marks back for being kind of reggae-y.

Score: Two Pints


Never be the Same Again -- Mel C

Well, I kind of like Mel C, and it's pretty catchy, but honestly, I don't think I'm up to giving any Top 40 song a full 5 Pints, and besides, she is or was a Spice Girl, and that's a mark against her.

Score: Three and a half pints


The Call -- One of those Boy Bands


Okay, okay, you want me to actually say something about it. Well, I don't like boy bands because they're whiney, and all of their songs sound the same. In this song, they're whining about having lost their girlfriends because they cheated on them. Well, in my opinion, they got what they deserved, and now they should shut up about it. Teenaged girls swoon over these guys why?

Score: No beer for these guys.