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TriContinental Concert

We sit with some aging boomers. We have had our hands stamped at the door with a picture of the Grim Reaper playing a 6-string. I drink Trad out of a plastic cup - how classy is that?

The opening band is the Realones, a bunch of guys with shaggy blond hair from Norway. Earlier in the set their sound is sort of like early 90s Spirit of the West with a bit of Moffats attitude, but later they funk it up a little bit more. They have nice vocal harmonies and are very technically proficient on their chosen instruments, which are a mandolin, a fiddle, two guitars, and a drum kit. They close with a cover of Bob Dylanís Subterranean Homesick Blues.

The main act is Bill Bourne and Lester Quitzau from Edmonton and Madagascar Slim from, you guessed it, Madagascar. The third continent is Bill Bourneís 1968 Lincoln Continental. All three artists have some exceptionally fine guitars. Bill Bourne, who has adopted either the Tom Petty look or the Gary Oldman as Dracula look, also plays the fiddle (like a ukulele). The music they produce is a little mellow for my taste, but some very fine guitar playing is to be heard.

Not really my style of music, but outstanding nonetheless. Bonuses include pizza, beer, and a non-smoking hall. An excellent concert - about as good an eveningís entertainment as you can get while totally surrounded by people who donít realize that their Hippy days should be far behind them.

Score: Five Pints

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