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Scruj MacDuhk Live at the West End Cultural Centre
Review by Owen

This is a very polished live album from a very good group from Winnipeg who do a whole bunch of sort of celtic/newgrass/mountain music/Quebecois/banjo-intensive fusion thing. Starting with the crowd pleasing "Roddy McCorely" sung by the talented singer Ruth Moody, and swinging with hardly a pause into the classic railway song, "Walkin' Boss" sung by the talented Banjo picker Leonard Podolack. This is the sort of group where most of the writing credits read, "Traditional", and most of the songs include at least one old jig or reel. Ruth is a very good singer, Leonard has been described as having an "honest" voice. I really like it. He has a high lonesome sound. This album makes me wish I had been at the concert, and I have been happy to have seen them in concert before, but just listening to the album makes me nostalgic for this rollicking sound and total enthusiasm. Five pints of the rare auld stuff they brew in Galloway Bay.

Score: Five pints

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