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Hotel California -- The Eagles

This is, like, my favorite popular song of all time. It makes me really nostalgic for my childhood, because I lived in California for a year, and then when I got back I was in a new school and I didn't have any friends, so my dad made me this "California Dreamin'" tape which I listened to ALL the time and then didn't feel so lonely any more. Unfortunately, I later recorded over the tape, but I do remember that Hotel California was on it.

I think it really resonated with my parents, too, especially the part about, "You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave". I think that year in California will be a total lifelong memory for all of us.

The best part of this song is how you can interpret the lyrics for pretty much any meaning you want. Supposedly the song is actually about Hell. I already mentioned that for my parents it has a really literal meaning. When I was a pretentious little gothling in high school I decided that it was about becoming a vampire (whatever). One of my friends even studied it in his English class.

So anyway, the lyrics are good, the melody is good, it's all around just good.

Score: Five pints

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