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The Bill Hilly Band - The Bill Hilly Band

I think this is the first CD by the Bill Hilly Band, as opposed to All Day Every Day which I got first but which I think is their second. I got this CD because I had some HMV frequent CD cards which my mom told me to use up before they discontinued the program. I had already looked through the HMV in Calgary without finding anything I really wanted, so I figure this was a real find because HMV’s idea of folk/world music is Shakira.

I think I’ve figured out how to describe the Bill Hilly Band’s sound. The time is sometime between the two World Wars. The place is Tennessee or Kentucky, either in a small town or a migrant worker camp.

This CD started out very promising; had several tracks in the middle that were kind of uninspiring; and then got really really good at the end. The sound is pretty much exactly the same as on All Day Every Day, but with more bluegrass and less klezmer. Kind of a pity, because I have lots of bluegrass but not very much klezmer, but a very good CD nonetheless. I think my favorite tracks were “Love Alone”, about King Edward and Mrs. Simpson, and a very powerful, almost dark version of “Shady Grove”. A fantastic CD from a fantastic band. Not quite as fantastic as All Day Every Day, but pretty fantastic nonetheless.

Score: Four and a half pints

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