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Musketeer -- Guest Opinion by Cormac, October 5, 2001

The movie started out laying down one of the major plot threads. You see him hurt a rather mean looking advocate of the cardinals power after he kills his parents. Predicably enough his father's sword master takes this child under his wing and teaches him the art of the sword.

14 years later, neither the advocate (can't remember the name), nor the swords master has aged, D'Artagnan has, though. But I digress, the story really starts out in a little tavern were he gets into a gratuitous battle, him and three or four others, which is not bad, it is pretty.

Once he reaches Paris in search of the musketeers he finds them in ruin, their powers and colors stripped. Here he meet the three traditional musketeers, do not exactly meet up to the common stereotypes but that is good.

The story digresses from there. We meet his love interest, the one character that does not share their name with the book.

The final quest seems to protect both the queen, the english ambassdor and the love intrest from disgrace, embarassment and death. Not a bad thing.

The final assult of the castle. Three words: Cut The ROPE!!!! They are dancing and prancing on the side of the tower not once realizing that they could just cut the rope and the problem is solved. But to be truthful they did figure this out, at the end, and it was only D'Artagnan.

The ladder dance. Did I miss something here? Did they have to wait for that Xena set to open up? Being a little outrageous is just the start of the complaints. The death scene. I might spoil it for those who haven't seen it but a dagger to the gullet, now they start being realistic. After a movie filled with semi-outrageous sword play they start being realistic now? *sigh*

Over all it was a good movie, great entertainment value, but if you are disturbed by the lack of realistic 17th century swordplay I wouldn't recommend it. Suspend disbelief.

Score: Three Pints


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