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Clay Pigeons -- Review by Owen

I wasn't sure, by halfway through this film, whether I should be letting Virgil watch. He may be a miscreant, and kind of obnoxious, but this movie had sex, violence, murder, smoking of tobacco and other substances by FBI agents, and - oh yes- serial killing. The lead character, Jochiem Phoenix, in a step down from Emperor of all the Romans, plays a kind of simple auto mechanic- Clay. The soundtrack is what I would call, innocent banjo, with only a hint of Deliverance. In the opening scene, Clay is disposing of a body, of his best friend. Killed with Clay's own gun. Teach Clay to sleep with his best friend's woman. Teach me to review a film on two bottles of cheap homebrew wine. Trouble is, Clay's mistress, if that is the right word, takes exception to his sleeping with another woman. That little .32 H&R magnum (a lady's gun) takes care of that. Never nice to have a woman shot right off of your... well, you know how it is. But poor clay, left to take care of the body that way. Well, he does alright...... Until things start to float..... and then... that body wasn't shot, it was stabbed...... And now who else turns up all bloody........ Oh dear...... This isn't good..... I know that this is not a film for teddy bears now..... Who is this.. Lester.....

My only complaint about this film is the ending... A cop-out, as it were..... If this film had ended with Clay turning left, and no-one turning right, it would have recieved five pints. As it is, four and a half. Those are pints of cheap homebrew mixed with store brand ginger ale. Go see. And admit it. You love country and western music.

Score: Four and a half Pints

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