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Bandits, starring That guy from Die-Hard and that guy from Slingblade. Guest review by Owen, October 19, 2001

Ever seen Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, starring Robert Redford and Paul Newman? Ever thought that it really sucked because it didn't have a happy ending? Ever want to see a crappy french car in the movies? Do you like movies with plot twists that are telegraphed from the first ten minutes of the movie?

Then this might be the movie for you.

Actually I really kind of liked this movie, which I saw on a free pass at South Edmonton Common Cineplex, a 16 screen theatre complex with not one but four snack bars. It was at this movie that I discovered that popcorn and a soda has managed to creep up to the paltry sum of nine dollars. Needless to say, I went without.

Anyway, as I was saying, I liked the movie, because although it was ripped off of Butch and Sundance, it was at least a well written ripoff, with charming interplay between the characters, and a good pace. Although it was a bit long at two and a half hours, I didn;'t find myself checking my watch as I often do during a movie. Rather I allowed myself to soak up the quiet charm of the movie. Rarely is it overplayed, rarely condecending, and the characters are actually sympathetic. I didn't feel as though this movie wasted a big chunk of my life, and for that, it gets three and a half pints of well made pacific northwest microbrewed pale ale, which is almost as good as a real english pale ale, but has a lot of Cascade hops, giving it a very different flavour.

Wow, am I a beer geek or what?

Also, go and see Butch and Sundance as well as this film, and you'll probably get more out of it.

Score: Three and a Half Pints


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