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by Owen

I have long been a frequenter of the Wildwood, even back when it was the Mission Bridge, so I thought that I would eventually write a review. This seems like as good a time as any, because I had a chance last night to drink my fair share of a jug of every beer that they make, it being a brewpub. Tuesday and Wednesday are the starving student nights of choice, because there are fantastic deals on both the beer, and the very good flatbreads. The basement, needless to say, is the place to go, because it is more a pub than a resturant, and the food isn't nearly so expensive. (Although if you want a good Rocky Mountain Cusine experience, upstairs is a good bet.)

I had the Tostada pizza, which was terrific, and at least a pint of the following beers:

  • Lake Louise Lager - A nice light lager, with a pleasing citrusy cascade hop flavour.
  • Longiron Pilsner - Not nearly enough hop aroma, but with a nice malty body usually overlooked in pilsners.
  • Some Cute Name Wheat - I had this last, so I don't really remember much of its flavour, but it has always been my least favourite, so really, I wasn't missing much.
  • Bugaboo Bitter - This is a very smooth, round, full flavoured malty beer with good english character.
  • Somethingorother Amber - Probably my favourite, lighter than the bitter and more quenching, but still rich.
  • Elusive Trout Stout - I think that this time we got the last pint in the keg. Yeasty, not much carbonation, kind of sour. I expect more.
  • Raspberry Wheat Ale - Nice, very friuty, not too terribly strong. The sort of beer that would be the woman's confidante in a romantic comedy set in New York.

Hmmm, what can I say... The beer is always a bit hit or miss at this bar. I thought that this would have changed when they shifted from hand pumped real ales to force carbonation, but unfortunately that is not the case, and they lost the great real ale mouthfeel. Also the service was terrible. Malcolm asked for Fries 4 times before they showed up. In all, I would rate the overall experince at four pints on a Tuesday or Wednesday, but only three at full price.

Score: Four Pints


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