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Spicy Hut

I wanted to go to Cafe de Tokyo for dinner on Thursday, but it was closed for renovations, so then I thought I would go back down to 17th ave and get a noodle bowl at Wrapture, but then as I was heading back out to Memorial Drive, I noticed Spicy Hut, which had been recommended (or at least mentioned) to me by Malcolm. Since it didn't involve a whole bunch of extra driving, I decided I would go in.

Spicy Hut is not really the sort of restaurant you want to go to by yourself, because it is Thai and Cantonese food and you should order several dishes in order to get variety in your meal. I might have ordered a couple of dishes, but they were each around 8-10 dollars and I really didn't feel like having a $25 dollar meal that particular day, even if I was going to save the leftovers. I settled for soup, rice, and an appetizer.

I ordered Hot and Sour soup. When my soup came, I was reading about female Norse costume, so I didn't really look at my soup, I just kind of dug in. As I was eating it, I was thinking, 'Hmm, this soup isn't really very hot or sour, and there are an awful lot of things in it for Hot and Sour soup. Oh well, every place does it differently.' Then my spoon hit something kind of solid. I looked down. It was a wonton. Slowly the realization dawned on me that the waittress had brought me the wrong soup. Ordinarily I would have complained about this, sent it back or at least tried to get it taken off my bill, but I have to admit that when I was ordering I was having a really hard time deciding between Hot and Sour and Wor Won Ton soup, so I just let it go, because I was happy enough with it. The appetizer I ordered was Chicken Satay in peanut sauce. I mixed it right in with my Coconut rice so that it was easier to eat while I was reading. It was, as the name of the restaurant suggests, pretty spicy.

My co-diners were a young couple who seemed to be trying to have a reconciliatory dinner, but who kept starting to argue again, and a set of parents with their four or five year old daughter, who they obviously thought was so precious that she needed to be shared with the whole restaurant. She was standing up on a chair, apparently trying to entertain her parents with some kind of a loud, melodramatic stand-up comedy act full of all sorts of jokes I'm sure pre-schoolers find very amusing. They didn't once try to quiet her down or suggest that her behavior was inappropriate the entire time I was there.

The service was slow, and they got my order wrong, but the food was pretty good, and the restaurant can't really be blamed for the annoyingness of the other patrons. I think I would go back, but I would budget twice as much time for it as I had on Thursday, and I would go with friends, so I could try out more dishes.

Score: Three and a half Pints

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