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One Nightclub and Lounge -- Jan. 26, 2002

I was just planning a quiet evening at home with my sewing machine, but Gord phoned and said his roommates were taking him out for his birthday, which was on Thursday, so we all got dressed up and went out to a nightclub. We arrived relatively early (1030) and only had to stand in line for about 5 minutes, but our friend Kent arrived about 2 hours later and the bouncers wouldn't let him in without standing in line even though the rest of us were already there and I went down and vouched for him that he was supposed to be there. I had a pretty good time, and did some more dancing. They played some songs I recognized, like that Kylie Minogue song "Can't get you out of my head, na na na na na na..." and a bunch of hip hop gangsta stuff that I wasn't really enthusiastic about. Anyway, we danced a lot, it was fun. The dance floor was pretty crowded, and it's all about me anyway, so I was going to dance on one of the subwoofers. The first time I tried, there was another girl already on it, and then I got there at the same time as this guy, and I was on the edge, and the way he was shaking his bon-bon I was going to fall off, so I just got back down before I fell and injured myself. Then the next time I tried, the same girl was on the speaker, but the guy wasn't there, so I figured I would have more room, but she was shaking her bon-bon too, so I gave up. Later some girls were dancing on the bar, so I got up and danced on the bar with them, except the only problem was the bar was so narrow you absolutely couldn't move your feet if you didn't want to fall off backwards, and of course the more important it is for you to keep your balance the more difficult it is...

I didnít really drink too much, just a few swigs out of some unidentified substance in a pop bottle on the way to the club, two generic domestic beers, and a sip of Gordís rye and rye (in contrast to the drinks at the prom, which seemed to be coke and coke). I was somewhat concerned about the second beer, because Gord bought us drinks, and I told him to just buy me whatever beer he thought was appropriate. The last time I told a guy something like that, I got a beer called Spitfire. Not really having been to too many nightclubs, I donít really have anything else to judge the One against. It was totally not smoky, a given here in Victoria but definitely a bonus compared to Calgary. I got the surly bouncer experience, but was none the worse for it myself because, unlike some people, I arrived at a reasonable time. A couple of guys shoved me, once when I was dancing on the subwoofer and once when I was just standing there minding my own business - I was pretty mad about that because he really didnít need to shove me, there was plenty of room for him to walk around behind me, and I would have given him a piece of my mind if I thought he had a reasonable chance of hearing what I had to say to him. The club was nice and spacious, with some tables, a dance floor, two bars, a pool table, and a coat check, and I thought the dťcor was pretty nice (kinda nondescript, but not at all tacky). I had a lot of fun, and I would probably go back, especially if they had a retro night.

The One gets four pints, but they are all pints that I drank before I got there, because $4.50 for domestic in a bottle and $5.50 for Mikeís Hard Lemonade is a bit steep, especially after the $6 cover charge.

Score: Four Pints


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