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J & J Wonton Noodle House

I think this is the full name of ďThe Noodle HouseĒ, which is Ron & Anneís favorite Chinese restaurant. They like it so much that the owners come specially out of the kitchen to talk to them.

Ron and Manmeet did all of the ordering while Anne and my mom talked about pointy-haired-boss things. We started with a very nice hot & sour soup and tan tan noodles, which are noodles in a spicy peanut sauce.

We had a very wide range of entrees - cashew chicken, ginger beef, sweet & sour pork, mixed vegetables, and ma po bean curd. The cashew chicken was very tasty - it didnít have quite enough cashews but the mushrooms were the correct size. The ginger beef was absolutely nothing like Calgary style ginger beef - it was actually on the menu as ginger chicken but since we already had a chicken dish Ron and Manmeet asked to switch it to beef. I thought it was a bit tough and shoe-leathery but everybody else seemed to like it.

The sweet & sour pork stood out in stark contrast to the sweet & sour pork from the Fan Tan Cafť. There were nice strips of pork, lightly battered, with a very tasty pineapple and green pepper sauce (I picked out the pineapple and Manmeet picked out the green peppers).

The vegetables were pretty standard Chinese vegetables, again with the mushrooms of the correct size. We actually werenít going to order them at all but my mom insisted that we had to have some vegetables. We also had Ma Po Bean Curd, which Iím used to having in a ground pork sauce, but this was vegetarian, so it was probably a mushroom sauce, but I couldnít tell that they were mushrooms (if thatís what they were), so I thought it was pretty tasty.

It was a very nice meal. Everything was tasty, nothing was too heavy, and everybody ate until they were full and there was still enough for Ron and Anne to take home for their kids (just so you know, itís not like Ron and Anne are awful parents who donít take their kids to restaurants, itís just that both kids had to work, and in fact Ron and Anne are such good parents that they adopt all sorts of poor starving students as well as their own children). I thought there could have been more cashews in the chicken, and Manmeet thought it could have been a bit spicier, so it gets 4.5 pints.

Score: Four and a half Pints


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