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Guest Review by Owen

Murchie's Tea Room, on Government Street in Victoria

Murchie’s is a perfectly nice place for lunch. The lunch counter was lined up when we were there at about noon, but there were lots of places to sit, and we opted for the tea room at the back of the building, overlooking some granola-y shop that had sprung up in the back alley. The food itself was decent, if not cheap, we had a foccacia sandwitch, a nice pasta (of the day), cheesecake, and a pot of Murchie’s own #22 blend tea for $18.50. Not out of line for lunch for two, with dessert, and neither of us went away hungry. The food was exceedingly competent, and the tea was well brewed, as one would expect from the best tea importer on the West Coast.

The ambiance was nice, and after we were done, we went down to the tea shop side of the business, where I had to buy a gift for my mum. When there, I asked after expensive oolong, but they were out. I then suggested that she liked #22, and could you suggest something similar, and they responded with the Blend 2000, which I got, but I couldn’t get over the feeling that the lady was just pushing whatever she had a lot of. Oh well.

All in all, Murchie’s gets 4 pints of really well brewed tea, it would have been more, but the value and service didn’t really tinkle my teapot. I’d go back, but maybe not regularly, what with all the other fine restaurants around the tourist district in Victoria.

Score: Four Pints

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