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Micky Finn's Whyte Avenue Edmonton Alta- Upstairs right next to the Tim's. -- guest review by Owen

Normally I would not review a place I had been to only once, but here we go anyway.

I had already had a couple of bottles of wine when I went to the Safeway to buy oven cleaner, paper towels and a hoagie at 11:00 on a Monday night. Prety sad, I know, but I had just written an exam, and I thought that was it fot the night. But just as I was about 20 metres from the Macs on my way in to buy a medium sized Coke slurpee(Actually a Froster (tm)), I was passed by a drunken group fo hooligans on the street. My first reaction on the way past was, "Hey, PAUL! Whassup?" Needless to say, what was up was a trip to Whyte in order to round out a fine evening of general substance abuse (Or rather, "Duuuuude, we're going out, wanna come?") And that is how I wound up on Whyte at 11:30 on a Monday with a bag of oven cleaner and paper towels, heading for the pub. The destination was Mickey Finn's on Whyte, just down from Queen Donair. The decor is mid-90s Canadian beer bar, with a couple of concessions to the Irish theme, including a republican flag behind the bar. Needless to say, Canadian beer was on special, and was what I had. $2.50 bottles of Blue, very refreshing if uninspiring. I did not partake of the menu, there is really no reason to on Whyte, with so many donair and pizza places so close at hand, and the food is _really_ not the point at this place. The service was fast and reasonably transparent, and they didn't hesitate to seve five people who were obviously drunk already, always a bonus. The music wasn't too loud, I could hear the conversation, and the lighting wasn't too subdued. What really struck me about this place was how generic it was. Long bar on one side, high round tables with stools, two pool tables, cans at the back, beer signs on the walls. It could stand in for any bar in Canada, only without the charm. Another thing that really strikes me about it is that it is the sort of place where Molson Canadian commercials are set, but with ugly people instead of the hot people. I attribute the lack of Molson style beautiful people to the fact that Labatts Blue was on special. Strange things were probably happening, and I just didn't notice it.

All in all, a decent bar experience, with only a slight nod to the plastic-paddy syndrome. It gets three pints. They are pints of Big Rock Grasshopper, served in a plastic jug, with slices of lemon on the jug rather than the glasses, indicating a Beer Bar of the first order.

Score: Three Pints

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