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Julio’s Barrio

Saying the name with an accent is fun. The service is cheerful and effective if leisurely, the portions are very generous. The prices are pretty reasonable and the ambience is nice. Suzi, who I ate dinner with, thought that was an inadequate description of the ambience, but when I suggested that there were piñatas hanging from the ceiling she gave me a long-suffering look. She told me to say that Julio’s Barrio caters to a young, trendy crowd. Okay, I said it, Suzi, I hope you’re happy.

The presentation is pretty standard - I could have done as well if not better myself. Julio’s Barrio probably serves the best Mexican food in Edmonton, but after having lived in San Diego for a year and taken an epic road trip through the American Southwest, Alberta Mexican food just isn’t the same.

Score: Three and a Half Pints

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