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Guest Review by Owen

The International Kitchen, HUB Mall, U of A Campus: The international Kitchen is probably not the cheapest place to eat on campus,(although a choice of veggie or meat samosa for a dollar isn't half bad) but it provides decent quality food for a reasonable price quickly and with, if not friendly service, at least not the kind of "oh, are you still here?" attitude that some of the places in HUB have.

The pizza slices are very generous for $3.50 (all prices include GST) and are less offensive than some pizza I have eaten, although I have pretty high standards for pizza. There are the fish and chips and chicken fingers that seem to come standard with industrial deep fryers everywhere, but I try to keep away from these ever since I last ate at Ho Ho's. The samosas are cheap and tasty, although like samosas everywhere, they are some extra kind of greasy. There are Cesar Salads available but are nowhere near as popular as the salads from Jacket Potato Man across the hall where the greens come with an addictive brown liquid that does not resemble any known salad dressing.

The real high point in the menu at the International Kitchen, however, is the Donair. Regular 10" for $3.50 or jumbo 12" for $5.15. The pita is uninspired, but the meat is juicy and cut thick, the tomatoes have been uniformly good quality, neither green or mushy, the Onions never overpowering, and the sauce tasty and easy to get off your hands, where a great deal of it will end up by the time you finish eating.

All in all, a good place to eat on campus if you happen to be over in that direction and a side trip to the Plant would take too long. It gets three and a half pints, but those pints are filled right up to the top without much foam, resulting in excellent value.

Three and a Half Pints

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