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Guest Review by Owen

Fat Kee Noodle House

It is against my better judgement that I review the Fat Kee Noodle House, located in the Interpacific Business Park behind T&T Honda and the Husky Truck Stop. It is already way crowded at lunch, but perhaps an intrepid few will hear my call and try out the supper here when the place is abandoned.

Due to a trick of demographics, the Fat Kee is located in a district with virtually no residential housing, and not even close to any residential housing, which pretty much means that they live and die on the Lunch trade and some takeout to airport hotels. They also wholesale their noodles to restaurants and groceries in town. Yes, I said wholesale. These noodles are fresh. The noodles you eat at lunch here were made in the backroom factory sometime around breakfast, and they will not have travelled 100 feet before you eat them. There are many rice choices on the menu here, but to order them would defeat the purpose of coming. This is, after all, a noodle house.

If you do go for lunch, be prepared for a short wait to be seated, and a rushed waitstaff, and crowding from 11 in the morning till 2 in the afternoon. If you are so-so hungry, have the noodle in soup with (Fill in the blank) for $3.50. If you are monster hungry, try the lunch special or chef’s special for $4.95 or try the tossed noodle with (Fill in the blank) for $4-6 (comes with soup). I heartily recommend the shrimp dumplings and bbq pork, both make great accompaniments to the noodles and soup. These prices, of course, reflect VALUE.

Don’t be put off by the décor (which I assure you has been recently renovated, believe it or not.) The dingier the place, the better the food. Paper napkins and no tablecloths are just two ways to keep lunch under five bucks, and that’s just fine with me. Remember, these folks aren’t superhuman, they can’t be doing your laundry, and after all, noodles are messy. Just be glad they wipe the tables between customers. And anyway, they’ve never made me sick, so it must be fairly clean.

If I have a gripe about the Fat Kee, it is that some of the stirfried dishes are a bit greasy, but not too too bad, eh?

All in all, the place gets four and a half pints of Tsingtao. It would get five but for the abovementioned greasiness, and the lack of parking at lunchtime. Otherwise, a great noodle place.

Score: Four and a half pints

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