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Guest Review by Owen

Cherry Point Winery -- Near Cobble Hill on Vancouver Island

Cherry Point Winery is a biggish farmgate vineyard situated in the town of Cobble hill, just south of Duncan on Vancouver Island. It also has the distinction of being the largest vineyard on the island, although of the 28 acres of the property, only ten is currently producing grapes suited for wine, while an additional 14 acres will produce their first worthwhile crop this fall (2001), effectively doubling the production, while reducing yield per acre as an aid to quality. Currently the ten acres produce about 2800 cases of wine per year.

The wines are of several varieties, with small experimental batches produced in the one acre experimental plot, and with the remainder of the production being divided between a large number of vines, including Gewurztraminer, Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Auxerrois, Ortega, and a few others of lesser fame. The best was the Gewurztraminer, although I didnít get to try their award winning Pinot Noir.

The whole place was a very nice location, with a cute little hall for receptions, a winemaking house, a farmhouse with a shop attached, a dugout which provides for irrigation, and about 350 rows of vines. The Dogs were docile, and the cats were quite happy about it. The reception we got was very friendly, and the girl who worked the shop directed us to another little find, the Cheese Point farm just down the road, where we bought a round of wonderful Crottin, which went wonderfully with the Gewurztraminer.

Overall, the place gets four pints of Gewurztraminer, it would have been higher, but the proprietary red was thin and lacked any length, and they were out of Pinot Noir.

Score: Four pints

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