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Blue Nile

I had a very exciting Canada Day that started with Owen and I (the licensed drivers) sitting in Jean's aunt's old Taurus while Jean practiced driving around the city, an experience which, to her credit, was significantly less alarming than I feared it might be. We also got to critique her parallel parking skills, which are better than mine have ever been. One of the places we drove to was Tim's house. When we got to Tim's house, Tim suggested we go for a meal, which was lunch for me and Tim and breakfast for Jean and Owen.

I think Tim wanted to go to the Tandoori Hut, but Jean doesn't like spicy food (rice cooked with two cardamoms and a cinnamon stick is too spicy for her), and more importantly, Tandoori Hut was closed, so instead we went to Blue Nile, which is an Ethiopian restaurant.

I had never had Ethiopian food before, but after my experience at Blue Nile I would definitely have Ethiopian food again. It's served on this giant platter, and on the bottom layer is this kind of spongey, crepe-y bread. Then on top of the bread, they put all of the various dishes that you've ordered and you use bits of the bread that you've torn off to pick up the food with. We ordered a sampler of the meat dishes and a sampler of the vegetable dishes, which we did because Tim is a vegetarian. However, I think that our choice of dishes gave us a good balance, because otherwise it would have been an awful lot of meat. The meats or vegetables are cooked in various sorts of sauces, some of which are spicier than others. It looks like the cooking technique might be somewhat similar to the cooking technique for Indian food, but the spicing is quite a bit different. There was one dish in particular, kind of a ground beef dish, that the flavoring was so familiar but not quite familiar enough to place. It maight have been anise or something. There was also a wilted spinach and carrot dish, these bright yellow split peas, and a chicken drumstick in a very strong-flavored sauce. Anyway, it was all very good and I would definitely go back.

Score: Four Pints


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