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Investiture of Gunther Roriksson and Catriona McManus, Prince and Princess of Avacal

I didnít take any detailed notes at this one, and I was pretty tired after having got in at 2 am after the Mahones concert, so youíll have to bear with me.

I thought Custance looked pretty good in her new Tudors, which I had been totally worrying about since Thursday (oh my god, I hope they turn out okay, Custance will hate me forever if they donít!) and Denise had this fabulous bright yellow fuzzy wool tunic. Blue had new Tudors (what else is new?) and Owen wore some non-Tudor garb borrowed from James. I wore a blue doublet and some blue slashed pants, and then I changed into a silver doublet and silver and purple pluderhosen for the feast.

I abandoned Owen to his own devices to go judge in the Arts & Sciences competition. I judged late period costuming and woodworking. Both categories showed an exceptional quality of workmanship. One of the entrants in the costuming was Ronya for her Dorothea Sabina dress (she is my new costuming god). She didnít have her documentation with her so we made her stand there for half an hour and tell us about it. The winner of the A & S championship was Jodi/Johanna, but I didnít get to see any of her pieces.

Owen watched the rapier tourney and hopefully took some good pictures. Blue made it to the finals again, so we all processed in and William Bennett spoke for him. Then there was court. I wonít say very much about court, because it was boring enough the first time around, but Blue got a Goutte and Denise got a Jambe, Rorik and Shunzei got Carps, Tygar got a Pelican, and some guy whose name I didnít catch got an Iron Chain.

I was very glad that I had made the decision not to wear a corset and hoops to this event, but somehow that didnít stop me from ending up in the bathroom lacing up other people (Shannon, you know how to do this, come give me a hand!). People didnít really get as dressed up for this event (they were fed up after having worn Tudors at 12th nite), I didnít really see too many people wearing new stuff. The King and Queen had some really amazing garb, but I couldnít tell if it was Byzantine, Mongol, or Mandarin.

Score: Three Pints

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