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Daffodils Tourney and Feast, Barony of Seagirt

So I went out to Victoria/Seagirt because I may be moving out there in September. I took the plane. I flew on a 737 from Calgary to Vancouver, and then a little tiny Dash 8-300 from Vancouver to Victoria. It was a 12-minute flight. I had never flown in a propeller plane before. I spent the entire flight trying not to be alarmed. In Victoria I took an airport shuttle to a pretty much isolated bus station, where I waited 50 minutes for a bus to arrive. Then I had to transfer, so I waited at another bus stop for 50 minutes. This bus stop was not isolated. In fact, I could see a donut store from where I was waiting, and I was really hungry. But I knew that if I went up to get a donut, the bus would come and then I would have to wait another hour.

Finally I got to the event. I didn't know anybody there and nobody knew I was coming. I didn't have a feast ticket. However, soon I met up with Judith de Montgomerie and her lord, who offered to feed me stew, and then I found Baroness Enid (formerly of Montengarde) who helped me find a ride to the house I was going to be staying at, and then it was all good.

There was a pretty impressive merchants' row for a Baronial-level event, and I bought a nice velvet beaded and embroidered purse, which matches my garb ever so much better than the ubiquitous leather belt pouch (don't get me wrong, I think belt pouches are great, and if I was early period I would totally wear one). I watched the fencing for a while, I played (or should I say, I was beaten at) Nine Man's Morris for a while, and then it was 4:30 and apparently time for court. Unsurprisingly, court took a pretty long time to organize, during which time, because I was tired, I sat down at troll and started to work on my blackwork.

I met some great people whose names I never caught, but they were people who are going to UVic and so we basically just talked all through court -- we really hit it off. I never heard who won the heavy tournament, but the final round of the rapier tourney was between Artemis de Montessori and Don Albert (who has a new last name, which I also didn't catch), and Albert won. After court we went over to the feast hall, and I went in the tavern and had a very excellent stew courtesy of Judith de Montgomerie.

After I had eaten, the lady I met earlier came in and offered me an extra feast ticket, which I gratefully accepted but did not have anything to eat the feast with. Luckily most of it was finger food. It was a Russian feast, and it was all very good.

The lady (Myfanwy) who I had a ride with left fairly early, but that was okay with me because I had had a very long and somewhat stressful day. Before I left, the lady who gave me the feast ticket also introduced me to the Baron of Seagirt, who was very nice and was of course encouraging me to move out there, as was pretty much everybody else I met at the event.

So anyway, I had a pretty good time and was very grateful to the people who helped me out in various ways.

Score: Three Pints

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