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Carbolic Smoke Ball

The dinner was really good, except I ate too many rolls beforehand so couldn't enjoy it to its fullest. The first course was a very nice cream of mushroom soup, which I actually ate (except for the big chunks of mushroom) and resisted the urge to chug. Next there was a salad with mixed European greens (the kind like my mom buys in a premixed bag at the grocery store) and mango and a very interesting salad dressing that kind of tasted toasted. The main course was a chicken breast with herbed bread crumbs on top, more mushrooms, roasted baby potatos, and a very excellent (non prefab) vegetable medley with peppers, red onion, zucchini, and carrots. Finally for dessert there was a two-colored chocolate mousse with a chocolate cake base and a raspberry coulis.

Everybody was dressed to the nines, guys in suits and girls in nice dresses. Some guys wore kilts. I will have to work on getting Owen to wear a kilt for next year. A few lucky girls have been bridesmaids many times and so didn't have to shell out the big bucks for a new dress. Some girls were more daring than me and wore dresses that were backless, or low cut, or strapless. I don't know --I just don't dig wearing a dress that I can't wear a bra with. I wore a full black velvet skirt with a tailored red and black shot satin shirt. One girl wore a sari which was very beautiful, except it had come undraped on her and I ended up helping her with it in the bathroom (you know me, I love to help out if someone is having a fashion emergency) and missing the first year video. She was very friendly and turned out to have been one of the girls on the famous Women's Law Hockey team.

The videos that I did see were all very well produced. The LSA did a Charlie's Angels video, the second years did an awards video (but cut out the part where we would have got to see Ira in a thong), and the third years and faculty did a joint video in which the students gave the profs pedicures and drank their booze.

The dance was a big disappointment. The DJ was definitely not the right DJ for the crowd. I don't think he owned a single track that wasn't a remix. Some numbers got the crowd out on the dance floor, like Ra-Ra-Rasputin, but then he kept playing all this hip-hop and the dance floor just emptied out. All you aspiring DJs out there, take note: watch your audience, and if they're not dancing to one kind of music, DON'T PLAY IT!!!

Score: Three Pints

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