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Toyota Echo

This was the car my mom rented when she came out to visit us. As for this particular specimen, it had no bells or whistles and had been smoked in, so it really started to stink on a hot day and even if it hadnít you would have had to roll the windows down anyways because there was no air conditioning. Iím not sure if there was a stereo because my mom doesnít like having music while sheís driving.

I didnít get to drive this car because Iím still not old enough to drive a rental car, but my mom said it was kind of gutless. I never used to be a real fan of the Toyota Echo because I think its ass end is stuck up too high in the air, but I think Iíve changed my mind about it.

Itís super small on the outside but quite spacious on the inside. That high ass end means thereís a big, deep trunk. You can park in any parking stall you want, even one between 2 giant SUVs that have both parked really close to the line, because itís super small and it turns on a dime. BC Ferries classifies it as an undersize car so you pay less to take it on the Ferry. We drove all over Victoria and all over Salt Spring Island for 4 days and didnít have to buy gas once.

The Toyota Echo gets 3.5 pints, but they are pints that somebody else was drinking and you just thought they looked really tasty.

Score: Three and a half Pints

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